Sponsor a boat with Marine Cruises


Why not sponsor a brand new hire boat, earn income and get 6 weeks free use yourself?

Thinking of a new business venture for the New Year, a smart investment or a holiday home that pays it way…………..Yes well take a look below it could be just what your looking for.

We will organize for you as the sponsor a new boat built for you at cost price + VAT. We will run your boat in our busy and professional fleet for a term of five years, administering bookings, marketing your boat, turning the hires around. During that time the sponsor is entitled to up 35% of the hire fee applicable, after ancillary deductions.

We will pay for the majority of the moorings and your boat license costs, we will ensure the boat is fully covered with a suitable insurance for commercial hire, we also offer an annual allowance towards replacement parts and will maintain and regularly service all Sponsor boats at the same high standard which we maintain our own narrow boats. Our team also take care of the blacking and general maintenance during the winter period

So on top of earning some money and letting us do the hardwork for your investment you will also be entitled to 6 weeks a year to enjoy the canals yourselves on your very own narrow boat.

For more details contact info@marinecruises.co.uk or call 01244 373911.


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