A longer canal narrowboat holiday from Marine Cruises

A Longer Canal Narrowboat Holiday

Canal narrowboat holidays are great for relaxing, so the longer the holiday the more you can relax and spend time exploring and enjoying your surroundings. You can also use your longer canal holiday to get more adventurous and pick longer and more challenging canal routes.


Our boats may be hired for two or more weeks opening up a wide range of holiday options. You can also combine a short break with a full week to get a ten or eleven day canal narrowboat holiday.

There are too many possibilities to list here, you do have over 2000 miles of canals to choose from! But we’ve illustrated some of the more popular longer canal narrowboat holidays from our two bases below.

From our Llangollen Canal base a two weeks holiday will give you a relaxing trip around the Four Counties ring, perhaps with a detour up to Chester or down towards Stourport and the River Severn. Or you could try the Cheshire Ring with the revitalised canalside Manchester, or explore the lovely Caldon Canal, Macclesfield Canal and Peak Forest Canal. Perhaps even venture onto the restored Huddersfield Narrow Canal over, and under, the Pennines!

Two weeks on the Forth and Clyde and Union Canals from our Falkirk base will allow you to travel to Glasgow and Edinburgh with plenty of time to explore both, and to ride the amazing Falkirk Wheel twice!


Two weeks from …

… our Llangollen base
Cruise the Four Counties Ring, Cheshire Ring or the Macclesfield Canal or Caldon Canal.
… our Scotland base
Cross from coast to coast, west to explore Glasgow, east to explore Edinburgh and ride the Falkirk Wheel.