Marine Cruises canal holidays from two great bases


Our Canal Holidays

folks4Hiring a canal holiday narrowboat from Marine Cruises makes a great holiday or short break for families or for groups of friends. Families can enjoy a real holiday together, all ages can take part, and the family pet can come too! Kids can help with the locks and maybe steering the boat, under supervision of course. Everyone can enjoy the countryside, fresh air and wildlife, maybe relax with a book or practicing a hobby such as drawing or photography.

Groups of friends can get properly reunited, not just sending texts and emails but enjoying each other’s company, relaxing together from work pressures, taking long walks and visiting lots of canalside pubs! And even if it occasionally rains there’s warm and cosy shelter close at hand to continue the bonding and watch the occasional DVD!

Canal holidays are also a great way to appreciate our wonderful British countryside and heritage, away from the motorways, hotels and organised campsites that normally involves. You can moor your comfortable floating home almost anywhere, in the middle of fields with only the hills for neighbours or in the middle of a city like Chester with shopping, restaurants and things to do on your doorstep.

And canal holiday cruising is a hassle free holiday too. No need to worry about overnight flights, airport parking, exchange rates and strange continental food and plumbing! Your Marine Cruises canal boat comes with full size beds, central heating, hot and cold water, showers and toilets. You can do your shopping in your local supermarket before you come, or visit local shops while you are cruising and enjoy local produce. All normal cooking facilities are on board. Or just eat out in pubs and restaurants!



What will it cost?

Canal holidays can work out to be surprisingly economical too. Once you’ve paid for the boat hire the rest of the costs are entirely up to you, you can eat in or out, make your own entertainment or go out a lot, no need to keep paying for daily activities. And of course it’s all in pounds Sterling, no fluctuating exchange rates to worry about!