Marine Cruises narrowboat holiday hire on the Forth & Clyde

Narrowboat Holiday Hire on the Forth & Clyde and Union Canal

The reopening in 2002 of these deep and wide Scottish Lowland Canals part funded by Millennium Commission has revived a 69 mile waterway route running from Glasgow to Edinburgh and the Irish Sea to the North Sea. The canals had been derelict for over 40 years, but now open up beautiful scenic routes for lucky boaters. You can cruise in either direction from our ideally situated base at the foot of the stunning Falkirk Wheel to reach Glasgow or Edinburgh. In fact with a bit of planning you can visit both in the same week! All moving bridges and locks are operated by British Waterways for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy the wonderful scenery.


The Falkirk Wheel

This is the world’s first rotating boat lift, which gives boats and boaters an exhilarating ride as they move between the Union Canal and the Forth and Clyde Canal. It is 35 metres high and replaces a flight of 11 locks long since filled in. More about the Falkirk Wheel.








Narrowboat Holiday Hire Going West on the Forth and Clyde Canal

Cruising west can take you to the centre of Glasgow or down to the sea at Bowling on the River Clyde. Many regard the canal between Falkirk and Kirkintilloch as one of the most attractive stretches of the Scottish Lowland Canals system.

The Lowlands Canal essential works

A series of essential works will take place along the Lowlands Canal route over the coming months. The programme of works will allow us to carry out survey inspections, as well as some much-needed lock gate improvements to enhance the lock gates operation. Full details of the works and how it affects our network are listed below:

Lock dewatering / repairs 31, 32 & 36 (Glasgow flight towards Bowling at Anniesland), essential repair works carried out on gates to conclude on Sunday 30th April 2023, flight reopen to navigation early May. Navigation will be closed for the full duration of the works.
After a road traffic incident near Lock 8, Falkirk, gates were removed and assessed as not possible to repair. Works will now take place to refit new lock gates. No boat navigation will be possible from The Falkirk Wheel to The Kelpies until June 2023. Exact dates will be provided once available.

Please note this does not affect cruising to Edinburgh and Glasgow. Any questions in which case, please email us or call us on (01244) 373911

Full for details on all our current works please visit Current and projected works schedule 22/23 – Scottish Canals

Narrowboat Holiday Hire Going East on the Union Canal

If you ride up the Falkirk Wheel and pass through the two adjacent locks you reach the Union Canal, which is lock free throughout its entire length. This will eventually take you into the heart of historic Edinburgh, with all that it has to offer. Princes Street, the main shopping thoroughfare, and Edinburgh Castle are within easy walking distance of the canal basin. En route you will pass through the 690-yard Falkirk Tunnel and over the Avon and Almond aqueducts. You will also go through the ancient burgh of Linlithgow. Here you can visit the palace and loch, stock up with water and fresh supplies, and eat in one of the many local restaurants.



Scottish Lowland Canal facts…

Forth & Clyde Canal
Runs from Bowling to Grangemouth
Length 35 miles
Locks 39
Union Canal
Runs from Edinburgh to Falkirk
Length 32 miles
Locks Just the Falkirk Wheel!
Aqueducts 3



A rover ticket will be charged by Scottish Canals to the customers of the Boat Provider for use of the Lowland Canals. This will be a flat charge of £25 for any holiday over three nights. Use up to three days will be charged at £15. This ticket will be administered by Scottish Canals through their website and office. The Boat Provider will be obliged to inform the customers’ of the need for payment of the Rover Ticket when booking the holiday, but actual payment will be taken on the first day of the holiday at the office at the Location. The price of the Rover Ticket will be reviewed annually by both parties, with a view to it increasing over time as long as it does not impact on occupancy numbers. If this were to be the case the level of the rover ticket charge would be reviewed.