Prices & Availability


All prices are in pounds, per week, irrespective of the number of passengers.
All prices include linen, gas, car parking, buoyancy aids and VAT
Please note: DIESEL FUEL IS EXTRA. Click for details

Lucy class boats are not available from our Falkirk Marina base.

*November and December hire not available from Falkirk base.


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A rover ticket will be charged by Scottish Canals to the customers of the Boat Provider for use of the Lowland Canals. This will be a flat charge of £25 for any holiday over three nights. Use up to three days will be charged at £15. This ticket will be administered by Scottish Canals through their website and office. The Boat Provider will be obliged to inform the customers’ of the need for payment of the Rover Ticket when booking the holiday, but actual payment will be taken on the first day of the holiday at the office at the Location. The price of the Rover Ticket will be reviewed annually by both parties, with a view to it increasing over time as long as it does not impact on occupancy numbers. If this were to be the case the level of the rover ticket charge would be reviewed.