Marine Cruises narrowboat holidays from two great bases


About Marine Cruises narrowboat holidays

Marine Cruises is a well-established business of approximately 15 years. At Marine Cruises we are renowned for our high standards and excellent reputation.

Arthur RudlandArthur Rudland who started it all had always worked with narrowboats starting back in his early twenties, where he started off at Whixall Marina from there he moved on to and managed Stoke On Trent Marina. Then finally one day he turned his dream into a reality after much hard work and determination he had finally had built his own marina. He found his ideal location and turned Marine Services and Marine Cruises into thriving businesses. That location was turned from welsh valley into the beauty spot he made it in seven weeks.

Sadly Arthur tragically passed away very suddenly and his wife also sadly died just under 2 years later, just as they had started to expand this very successful business further, Arthur was proud to have boats in Marinas in Scotland, England and Wales and he had worked his whole life to achieve this, he was probably one of the most knowledgeable, most liked, trusted people and businessman on the waterways.

His proud daughters could not even consider giving up Arthur and Peggy’s dream it had been their life, they want to continue in their father’s success and carry on making this business even more successful. They are determined to try and take their dad’s dreams to the limit and make both their Dad and Mum (& step mum) very proud. Since 2010 we’ve operated in 2 bases, our Scotland base (Falkirk Marina), Swanley Marina, near Nantwich, on the Llangollen Canal.

Our Llangollen Canal base is at Swanley Marina near Nantwich in Cheshire.

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Our Scotland Base is in the basin at the foot of the Falkirk Wheel.

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