Meet the Team

18th May 2018

Jack Woodhouse

I’ve been at Marine Cruises since April 2018, as part of the wonderful Sales, Events and Admin team. I’m really enjoying the role and I can’t wait to help our amazing customers find their perfect cruise.

Tell us something not everyone knows about you…

I’m a sucker for an 80’s classic anthem – you really don’t want to hear me singing in the shower. I’m also a huge stand up comedy fan and adore the likes of Victoria Wood, Sarah Millican and Greg Davies.

Which item would you take with you if you we’re stranded on a dessert Island?

My mobile phone with unlimited charge (is this allowed?)

What / who couldn’t you live without at your workplace?

Ali – she’s an excellent trainer and anything I’m stuck with, she’s always on hand to help.

Who’s your favourite boat on the fleet?

Kimberley – have you seen her?

What’s your favourite route to Cruise?

The architecture of the Twechar and Bonnybridge lift bridges are out of this world – I’d certainly recommend docking from our Falkirk base.


Jack is an Admin, Sales and Events Assistant – why don’t you contact him at our office today on (01244) 373911 to secure the booking of your next cruise? Alternatively – you can visit for up-to-date prices and more information.


Ali Holland

A few of you might know me from the team at Swanley. I’ve been with Marine Cruises 5 years now, starting from the bottom now we here! I’m Front of House at Swanley and Office Manager for Marine Cruises Admin Team.

Tell us something not everyone knows about you…

I’ve just finished a degree in Illustration at Liverpool John Moores and I’ve just moved into a little town house with my childhood sweetheart. I love baking and taking pictures.


Which item would you take with you if you were stranded on a dessert island?

Probably a radio so I could just listen to music and lie on the beach until I got bored and then invent a communication device (like you see in films) to get me off the island and go home.

What/who couldn’t you live without in your workplace?

I can’t choose out of my colleagues because that’s like choosing a favourite child. So I’ll just say “I love them all equally”.

Who’s your favourite boat on the fleet?

Maia’s always been my favourite, she’s so cosy and a small size perfect for romantic weekends.

What’s your favourite route to cruise?

Oooooh difficult one, probably Llangollen because it goes through my hometown of Ellesmere and its absolutely breath-taking cruising through the Welsh landscapes.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Marine Cruises?

I love it when customers bring their dogs and they’re wearing life jackets. I saw a pug in life jacket jump in the water and go for a paddle once – BEST DAY EVER.

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